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About Us

We are investing in sustainable projects and companies

There is no planet B. And planet A is in a bad condition right now. So it’s time to do something about it. We are supporting companies, having a sustainable busines plan and supporting the world wide accepted Sustainable Development Goals (SDG). Our fokus is technology and forrestry for reducing our CO2 footprint. But there are certainly more interesting ideas out there..

We are offering investments and our know how in running successful businesses. Sustainable Development Goals
There is a lot of potential in forestry


Paulownia – Foresters Dream

Being a C4 plant, paulownia (or kiri) trees are growing within 12 years to impressive size and will be ready for harvesting.

Irland – Paradise for Trees

Trees are growing twice as fast in ireland compared to germay. Unfortunately there is not much sustainable forestry following the Continous Coverage Forestry (CCF) principles. We want to change that.

Sustainable Forestry in Ireland
Standard Investments

Wind- and Solar Energy

Solar- and Wind Energy are the way to go for a CO2 reduced environment. Hence we are also investing in standard solar and wind projects.

HEP Solar Entwicklungs GmbH
Storing Energy is Key to our Future.

Energy Storage

There are many ideas to store energy. A most intriguing idea however is to use simple cheap steel for storing heat up to 700 degrees, whenever there is to much energy from solar or wind generators in the grid. Lumenion is a pioneer in this field.

Storing Heat using Steel
It’s a natural Miracle

Active Charcoal

Active charcoal is a fascinating material. There are hundreds of use cases for it. Creating it from bio waste takes out a lot of CO2 fom our environment und produces a very valuable material you can use in farming, filtering, feeding, etc.

Circular Carbon

Management Board

Dr. Michaela Harlander

Dr. Magnus Harlander